Alles, was wir wissen
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地点:Urbancross Gallery, 淮海中路1848号

Mon. through Fri.: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm;Weekends, Holidays: 10:30 am to 8:00 pm
Address:Urbancross Gallery,1848 Middle Huaihai Road 
2021年5月28日,城市交集 Urbancross Gallery将举办全新展览“我们所知道的一切 Alles, was wir wissen”,这是城市交集2021空间概念“建筑师的图房”系列的第二个展览,展览共分为“建筑师的画”和“建筑师的书”两个部分,我们邀请了建筑师吾超展示其最新系列的绘画作品,同时,卷宗书店也将作为我们的合作伙伴给“建筑师的图房”提供为期三个月的主题书展。

本次参展的艺术家吾超生于上海,目前在慕尼黑担任建筑师。他的创作领域包括绘画、版画和建筑。其中绘画对于他的建筑创作起到了非常重要的推动作用。从作品中的线条、色块、语言的交错和融合中,能够同时看到他作为建筑师/艺术家的理性思辨和感性灵感。本次展览中,我们将展示吾超三个最新系列的作品《我们所知道的一切》(ALLES,WAS WIR WISSEN)、《1,2,3,4》、《自然史第二部》(NATURGESCHICHTE, 2. BD)。

本次展览的主题源自吾超最近创作的一个系列作品《我们所知道的一切 ALLES,WAS WIR WISSEN》。这个系列的创作源于一本在德国曾经家喻户晓的百科全书《Meyers Großes Taschenlexikon》。吾超着眼于这些被固化为知识的词条,作为一个异乡人,他看待这些写于三十年前的词条的立场在这种文化和时间的流动中产生了微妙的振动和变化。他将这种震动和变化转化为了或具象或抽象的批注。





Alles, was wir wissen, as the second exhibition curated by UrbanNetworkOffice within the theme: The Atelier of an Architectwill be launched on May 28th, 2021. Featuring Wu Chao’s latest drawing series and collaborating with Juanzong Books, the exhibition is a combination of “drawings made by architects” and “reading list proposed by architects”.

Wu Chao (b. 1989, Shanghai) lives and works in Munich as an architect. His work including drawing, printmaking, and architecture. Drawing lies at the center of his architectural practice, different paths emerge out from lines, color blocks, and texts, all these included elements in his drawings. By presenting 3 new series: ALLES,WAS WIR WISSEN; 1, 2, 3, 4; NATURGESCHICHTE, 2. BD, the artist bringing his unique perception and query of the world.

Quoting one of the titles from his series: Alles, was wir wissen as the title of this exhibition, Wu Chao Created this series from a must-have encyclopedia in Germany. Wu Chao bringing this subtle maze of references into his drawing. In a position of a foreigner, drawing an encyclopedia that was written thirty years ago, he found himself discovered many entries’ change due to these cultural and temporal dissimilarities, through which the abstract and (supposedly) neutral ideas rebecame images.

His interest in encyclopedias is linked to the experience as a social housing architect. Both the compilation of encyclopedias and the design of social housing require a maximum degree of self-restraint. The object of both is the complicated social reality. In the search for an objective system and rational framework to reproduce this social reality, there is very little room left for authorship. But this is what makes both interesting.

How can we face a world condensed and compacted with social, political, economic, and ecological issues? How can we precede conflicts originated from different cultures and stands? As the physical representation of these complex societies, which direction architecture should take? Can we find ONE tenet behind these complex social implications? If so, should it become a forceful entry in an encyclopedic?

UNO takes this exhibition as an opportunity to turn our space into a cacophonous body for questions asked through Wu Chao’s drawings. With Juanzong Books, we provide a reading-list constructed from the perspective of architecture, culture, city and sociology, which will allow narratives overlapped from personal household, social environment and human territory.

Alongside the exhibition, UNO will further punctuate discussions with a series of public programs, ranging from reading sessions, workshops, and screenings. Please watch out for further upcoming events!