焕新建筑 焕然历史
Open Door 2022 - Transform buildings, Treasure the past
时间:周二至周日,10:30 am 至 7:00 pm;周一不开放
地点:Urbancross Gallery, 淮海中路1848号

Hours:TUE. through SUN.: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm;Close on Monday
Address:Urbancross Gallery,1848 Middle Huaihai Road
2022年,RIBA与英国文化教育协会(British Council) 合作推出了Open Door项目,该项目旨在推广和表彰中国大陆和英国青年建筑师在近现代建筑遗产保护及活化领域的杰出工作。

Open Door表彰近期杰出的建筑遗产保护项目,倡导历史建筑保护的环境和文化效益,并促进两国专家之间的知识交流。


Open Door项目的案例分设两个类别:
1.二十世纪 (C20) 建筑遗产
2.建于 1901 年前的建筑遗产

由RIBA前主席兼历史英格兰委员会委员Ben Derbyshire担任主席的专家评估小组选出了来自中国大陆和英国的14个建筑遗产保护与活化获奖项目。专家评估小组由以下人员组成如下:

陆文宇,RIBA 国际院士及杭州业余建筑工作室联合创始人


Geoff Rich,Feilden Clegg Bradley 工作室(巴斯,伦敦和曼彻斯特)的建筑师兼执行合伙人



RIBA和British Council还举办了两个在线大师课,以获奖项目为特色,主题是适应当代法规的技术挑战和建筑遗产在建立社区凝聚力中的作用。


你现在看到的展览,展示了所有14个Open Door获奖项目。



In 2022, RIBA collaborated with the British Council to deliver the Open Door project, a programme promoting and celebrating outstanding conservation work by emerging architects in Mainland of China and the UK.

Open Door celebrates the best of recent architectural heritage projects, champions the environmental and cultural benefits of building conservation, and promotes knowledge exchange between experts in both countries.

The call for proposals, launched in April 2022, was aimed at architects who have been qualified for ten years or less, encouraging more young professionals to become involved in the sector and build relationships with experienced practitioners.

The Open Door project is split into two categories:
1. Renovation and repurpose of twentieth-century (c. 20th) heritage buildings
2. Historic buildings built before 1901

14 outstanding heritage projects from the UK and Mainland of China were selected by an Expert Advisory Group, chaired by Ben Derbyshire, Past President of RIBA and Commissioner for Historic England. The Expert Advisory Group consisted of:

Lu Wenyu, RIBA International Fellow and co-founder of Amateur Architecture Studio, Hangzhou

Chen Xiong, Director, Deputy General Manager and Chief Architect of Guangdong Architectural Design & Research Institute

Geoff Rich, Architect and Managing Partner at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Bath, London and Manchester

Dr Wei Yang, Chair of Wei Yang & Partners, Immediate Past President of the Royal Town Planning Institute

In autumn 2022, we announced the 14 finalists and launched the exhibition online.  

RIBA and the British Council also hosted two online masterclasses, featuring the winning projects and on the themes of the technical challenges in adaptation to contemporary regulations and the role of heritage in building community cohesion.

The masterclasses provided a forum for discussions around contemporary architectural conservation.

The exhibition that you are now seeing, showcases all the 14 Open Door finalist projects.

These 14 projects reveal a diverse range of approaches to adaptive reuse and exemplify how architects can address sensitive cultural heritage and sustainability issues by preserving our existing environment. The types of work also cover a wide range, from cultural buildings, commercial constructions, and educational buildings to private homes.

Through this exhibition, we hope to demonstrate the outstanding conservation projects from both countries, start ongoing exchanges on how we build and live together, and engage with the wider community to raise awareness of the role of heritage-led regeneration in creating social cohesion and biophilic well-being.