Introduction to TM STUDIO

TM Studio is an university based architectural office, involving in a variety of fields concerning tradition and modern as well as local and fusion. The completed projects include Dong’s House Teahouse, Zhou Chunya Art Studio, Museum of the Forth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and Han Tianheng Art Museum. Related articles have been published in magazines and books.Besides, TM Studio has participated in 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale, DESIGNED IN PARIS, MADE IN CHINA exhibition in Paris, M8 IN CHINA exhibition in Frankfurt and other professional exhibitions.

TM Studio resides in social and natural environment, we are not intending to control or change them, but try to understand them and learn how to work with them. TM Studio is always interested in performing an extensive learning and study, and using knowledge and thinking to generate a work.
We focus on how to integrate the disconnected aspects in this changing world, such as present and history, imagination and reality, events and environment. It is a kind of work to engage with what is there, to use what exists as a starting point, to bring about idealization through analysis and to reveal the unused potential of the reality, to apply transformation and integration as a path that leads to new insight and expressions. TM Studio is interested in discovering what new life patterns can be extracted and developed from a realistic environment, and establishing orders to give dignity and elegance to its works.